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Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

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Verona is a beautiful city and one of the pearls of northern Italy. Only 45 kilometers or 30 minutes away from Desenzano del Garda by train or car. A perfect daytrip. I have written a few articles on Verona and it´s attractions that I personally have seen and feel that is worth visiting. There are of course more things to see and do in in the city but these I personally recommend. I will definately likely put in more articles on this lovely city in the future as I go there often.

Important: The last train back to Desenzano departs around 10 o´clock. Please check with the ticket office before you go.

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Here is an article about Verona written by one of travel expert journalists:

The Sights of Verona

The graceful city of Verona is just 45km from Desenzano del Garda and around 30km from the southern shores of Lake Garda and is a delightful drive along some of the smaller scenic roads. Known as Urbs Nobilissima, Verona is a treasure trove of historic monuments and beautifully preserved buildings which date back hundreds of years.

The Roman amphitheatre or Arena is the most well-known monument in the city. Set in the historical centre of Verona, at the end of Piazza Bra, it was actually outside the city walls when it was built. The original entertainment would have been ‘ludi’ shows and gladiator games accommodating up to 25,000 people but today it hosts concerts, operas and open-air performances during the summer months. It is the third largest Roman amphitheatre still in existence today, almost 2000 years later. From the outside it may not appear to be very grand as much of the outer walls were destroyed in an earthquake. Only a small part of the original wall, known as the ‘Ala’ or ‘wing’ is left. The surrounding buildings seem to dwarf its height, but when you pay the modest entrance fee and climb up the steps inside to the upper levels you realize just how impressive it is. Sit on the stone steps and take in the atmosphere. You can almost hear the cheers of the jostling Roman spectators! If you get the chance, book tickets for one of the world-famous ‘grande spettacolo’ opera performances which are performed here. It will be far more memorable than in any Opera house. The Arena is also a beautiful sight when lit up after dark.

For those who appreciate old churches, Verona offers a fine selection which are covered in more detail in an article which specifically covers Verona’s churches. There is a Cathedral which has some notable frescoes and an adjacent baptistery for those who may want to see inside at least one church as part of their visit.

More Roman history is evident in the Piazza delle Erbe which was the Roman Forum and one of the most picturesque squares in Verona. You can see where the Cardus and Decumanus Maximi, the two main streets of the Roman town, actually crossed in a corner of the Square. This is still the market square with some open-air stalls selling local souvenirs. The lovely Fountain of Madonna Verona can also be seen in the centre of the square. The Tower Lamberti is the highest tower in Verona and was begun in 1172 but took centuries to complete. Along one side of the square, the Palazzo Mafei dates back to 1668 and is topped with six sculptures of pagan gods; Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Apollo, Hercules and Minerva.

Immortalized in Shakespeare’s classic tale of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is also the perfect place for enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight over a bottle of local Chianti. Although the story is a work of classic fiction, ‘Juliet’s House’ can be visited in Verona, complete with balcony and a bronze statue of Juliet.
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