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Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

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Venice - Venezia

Venice Italy

Venice Italy is one of the places you have to see in your lifetime. I´ve gone to Venice twice now and it´s time for me to write an article on it.

How to get to Venice

From Desenzano you can go either by train or by using a rental car. I used a rental car both times. Both are very simple.It is 160 km from Desenzano to Venice. When driving you are on the highway most of the time (130kmh) so with one stop for coffee you can to the trip under two hours easely. I´ve never gone with a train but is should be more or less the same. A one way ticket probably costs around 10-20 euros pr. person (I´ll check and update this article with the information). Getting to and from Venice by a train is very simple. You can see on the second map here below that the train tracks are just opposite the parking house, on the other side of the canal.

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When in Venice

When you arrive in Venice you at Piazzale Roma. The thing you want to do is to get to the "bus" (the busses are boats, see Videos from Venice Italy ) and sail the reverse "S" shaped canal to Piazza San Marco which is the center of Venice. If you got this covered you can pretty much do what you want there, just take a good walk around and enjoy the place. When you want to go back just take the same ferry back to Piazzale Roma.

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What to look out for in Venice

Don´t plan to go out to a restaurant or drink coffee at Piazza San Marco. The prices are ridiculous! And the service is not that good either.

You can of course find a good restaurant but I would find some recommendations before you go and not try to find a good one when you´re there (sorry, I don´t know any good ones). If you decide to go to a restaurant, check the menu first for prices and/or look at people that are dining and their food. I´ve gone to a restaurant two times there by just walking in from one of the sidestreets of P.San Marco and it was both overpriced and underdelivered in quality. I had the suspicion that they are not looking for returning customers:) They probably aren´t as the central area is a major tourist attraction and people in most cases only come to Venice once or twice in their lifetime. On P. San Marco one espresso costs just under 6 euros!!! Espresso costs ususally around 85 cents to 1 euro max so it is around and over six fold. Also you have to pay extra for the band that is playing at the cafe. Both times that I went to Venice these café´s were all but empty even if thousands were walking buy. You´ll recognize these café´s when you see them. Many chairs, one band in the middle.

There are of course many things to see here and it could fill out a whole website on it´s own. I will therefor not go into details about Venice. I recommend that you buy a Guide to Venice and go through it on your way from Desenzano to Venice. That´s a good way to enjoy the two hour trip and prepare the visit at the same time.

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Venice Italy

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