Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

Welcome to Lake Garda Italy!

Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

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Restaurants and bars


There are a lot of restaurants and bars in Desenzano del Garda. I have put in a few articles on restaurants and bars I frequent and I will continue to do so. I don´t put in articles on places that I would not go to again. Some I specially like and I say so in my articles.

Good things to know:

Coperto is a charge pr. person for sitting at the table, translating to english it is "cover" and it means the plate, glass, bread sticks and so on. Contrary to beliefs of many, tips is not mandatory and you will not offend nobody by not paying tips. The check, is the check. It doesn´t mean that you can throw in a few euros as as special thanx for extraordinary service.  2 euros pr. person is normal, but 1.5 or 3 euros is also to bee seen at restaurants. 3 euros should mean a very good restaurant, but sometimes only means that it is a too expensive one;)

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