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Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

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Livigno in the Alps

Livigno Italy

A day trip to the lovely town of Livigno, close to the Swiss border, makes a refreshing change of scenery during the summer months. Livigno truly comes to life in November when the snow begins to fall. It is a popular winter skiing destination and has a total of 85 ski runs and 33 ski lifts. Its popularity as a ski and snowboarding haven is due to its position 1816 metres above sea level, guaranteeing snow from December to March. It is known locally as ‘Little Tibet’ for its snow-capped mountain scenery. Livigno is also a charming town to visit in the summer and the drive is quite splendid. It can only be reached via the SS42 and then the 29 from Lake Garda (217km) although there are two major routes from Livigno into Switzerland over the nearby border.

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The main river is called the Aqua Granda or the Spöl and it runs through the 14-mile long valley between the valleys of Engadina in Switzerland and the Alta Valtellina in Italy. Part of the old village of Livigno was destroyed in the 1960s to make way for the Lago di Livigno reservoir which now enhances the view.

The Town Hall with its frontal arches called ‘loggia’ can be found on the Piazza della Loggia and was built in 1492 by architect Filippino de’Grassi. Fortunately it was not damaged by the anti-fascist terrorist bombing which took place in the piazza in 1974.

Livigno is a typical Alpine Village both traditionally and culturally. Trepalle, a community in the municipality of Livigno, is considered Europe's highest inhabited parish and is known for its natural beauty and immense peace. Despite its popularity, the area has retained its unspoilt environment, attractive architecture and delightful alpine character. Livigno is a duty-free area making it an excellent place for shopping. The tax advantages date back to the 16th century and continue today so no sales tax or VAT is paid. There are over 200 shops in the town, mostly selling alcohol, cigarettes and perfume.

For those who enjoy hill-walking, the area has 80km of footpaths through the beautiful mountain scenery in the summer. The numerous marked routes offer pleasure to hikers and walkers of all levels of experience. The valley of Livigno lies within the nature reserve of Stilfserjoch National Park which has typical alpine vegetation, meadows and woods where wild animals and many plants can be seen. Walking through the woods which surround Livigno, visitors may spot red deer, chamois, ibex, roedeer, marmots, ermine, squirrels, foxes, hares, badgers, birds and even an eagle soaring high above if you are lucky. Mountain biking and horse riding is also a great way to enjoy the fresh clean mountain air. It is also possible to ski almost all year round on the Stelvio glacier which is not far from Livigno. Rock climbing and excellent fishing can also be enjoyed on a day trip to this lovely part of the world.

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