Scenic Lecco on Lake Como

Lecco Italy

Lake Como is about 1½ hours gentle drive from Lake Garda, a journey of around 110km. Lecco is a busy town with pretty pastel-coloured shops and townhouses on the south-east branch of the ‘legs’ of Lake Como. It enjoys a dramatic backdrop of the San Martino Mountain. The River Adda runs through the town with three bridges spanning it, the oldest being the Ponte Azzone Visconti. This ancient bridge dates back to 1336 and has a series of arches in varying widths as it spans the wide river. It is locally known as the ‘Big Bridge’.

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The town of Lecco is centred on the Piazza XX Settembre and is charming and delightful place to explore on foot. The Basilica di San Nicolo is dedicated to the Patron Saint of Sailors and was founded in the 7th century, although it has undergone many renovations since. Here you will find the symbol of Lecco, the Campanile or bell tower which stands 96m high. Head out from the Piazza Cerimenati and it is very easy to see it towering above the smaller buildings. The Basilica has a fine interior with beautiful frescoes on the domed ceiling. The ornate pulpit and beautiful moldings make this a restful and impressive church to visit, decorated throughout in muted colours and decorative style.

On the Piazza Manzoni is a monument dedicated to the famous Italian writer, Alessandro Manzoni, one of Lecco’s famous sons. The monument was created by Francesco Confalonieri. Lecco is on the north bank of the Fiume Adda (Adda River) and there is a pleasant beach area with swans which makes a great place to relax and catch the sunshine.

If you are tired of exploring the town, head out and enjoy the mountain scenery overlooking beautiful Lake Como. There are many places where you can walk along the woodland tracks or even go rock-climbing. The views are often quite spectacular from these high points. Along the paths you may come across a small church where you can take a break and relax before returning to Lake Garda again.