Salo Lake Garda

I went this summer two times to Saló which is a small town by the Lake Garda (west). This beautiful town with lakeside restaurants and high mountains all around is a perfect place to visit with the Lake Garda Ferry. Go there, dine, take a strole and take the ferry back. have I went both with a car and the ferry and I must admit, as I love ferries, that taking the ferry is more interesting of the two choices as you can see so much on the way there. You start going to Sirmione and then stop at a few towns on the way before you reach Salò. Also you see some of the Lakes Islands and most interesting, in my opinion, is the Isola del Garda.

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This town is, among other things, known as the home town of Italian facist politician, Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini. Mussolini used the title "Il Duce" (the Duke) from the year 1925, after being a priminister of Italy for about three years, until he became the leader of the Italian Social Republic in 1943. The Italian Social Republic was somtimes called the Salò Republic as all administration was run from Salò.

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