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Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

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Delightful Domaso

Domaso Italy

Domaso is right at the head of Lake Como and is a pleasant 2 ½ hour drive from Lake Garda. It still has its delightful fishing village charm although now its main business is as an agreeable tourist destination. The town is built along the waterfront and up the hillside above. There are many steep and narrow lanes winding through this charming and hospitable village.

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Down on the lakefront you are likely to see many sailing boats, windsurfers and other aquatic sports lovers. It is a surfers’ paradise due mainly to the lake’s breezes called ‘Breva’ which blow constantly here. It is also an excellent centre for walking, trekking and mountain biking through the nearby woods, enjoying the alpine scenery. The pleasant summer temperatures ensure that there is always blooming vegetation to enjoy.

Domaso’s skyline is dominated by the church spires and monuments which have a long history. The village was on the Strada Regina (Queen’s Road) as a link between Milan and central-northern Europe. The church of St Bartholomew has its origins way back in 1247. It has rich frescoes on the walls from the 16th century and stuccoes dated 1692. Explore the chancel and the confessionals and admire the baroque organ. There is a huge 15th century crucifix by Lierni, a local chiseller from Como. There is also a remarkable altarpiece of the Virgin Mary and Jesus by Morazzone.

The other building of note is the Villa Camilla. It has an interesting family history from its foundation in 1600. The neoclassic architecture, coat of arms and frescoes remain almost unchanged over the centuries in this grand family home. The gardens are equally pleasant to enjoy. The building is now the headquarters of the Italian Red Cross and the Medical Guard.

Before leaving the town, sample some of the local food in one of the hostelries overlooking the seashore. Enjoy ‘gnocchi’ with vegetables or ‘polenta’ with local mushrooms and salted meats. Fish lovers should try ‘agoni’. The ‘miascia’ bread with fruit makes a delicious dessert. There are many vineyards around Domaso although the local wine is limited to 10,000 bottles.

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