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Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

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Car Parking in Desenzano del Garda

Where to park you car?

In down town Desenzano there can be difficult to get a parking space, especially in summertime. You can not drive in a part of the central area as it is for walking only (in some instances you can drive, f.ex. if you are checking in or out of your hotel) A part of downtown lake side road is then closed after 20:00 on weekends. If you stay at a central based hotel they most often have made arrangements for parking but if not, or if you are just passing through, here is some advice.

I give you here three parking choices. But remember that you can find parking space here like in other towns, in sidestreets and such. Here on this map I have marked out the 3 spots along with two colored areas which are sometimes closed for car traffic. (Every Tuesday morning because of a Market and after 20:00 in the weekend)

NB!! On the map, click on any of the blue drop-shaped arrows to get more text, also you can click the blue and yellow area for info.

Only one of these parking spaces are indoor, I also show you a short videoclip of that house as I used it for a week last summer. Remember it can get very hot in summertime and a cool shade is often a good idea for your car;)

A map of parking options

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Parking Garage short video

A short video of the parking garage that offers inside parking. (See also the northern most dropshaped arrow on above map). Please check for opening hours as so your car won´t get stuck inside! I paid in advance so I received a special card I could use to get in and out at my leisure.

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