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Welcome to Lake Garda Italy!

Here you can get useful travel information for Northern Italy. This travel guide is built with Desenzano del Garda, Lake Garda Italy, as the base and it shows you daytrips you can take from there.

Lake Garda Italy

Desenzano del Garda

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Boats sailing

Rent a boat 

You can rent a boat and sail all over the lake if you want to. I haven´t hired boats myself but I have watched many do it as I sometimes sit at a bench there reading. I don´t know their service but I do know their approx. price. There are two companies on the dock, both having similar boats and renting for about 50 euros an hour, then a small discount for each hour after that. Four hours are 150. Here we are talking about a 50 horsepower boats for up to 6 people. (4 is a better number though.)

A rental boat on Garda

If you want a bigger boat other prices are due and you have to have a sailing licence. On <50 horsepower you don´t need a licence. a 4 hour trip on a bigger boat is 200 euros.

All prices are only to give you an idea, they may vary or change and it and don´t blame me if they do:)

I have gone on both a 400horsepower speedboat and on a 36 foot yacht (both privately owned) and it is a dream on a good day do have a lunch, a nap or a swim in the lake. That´s life for you!

You can also hire pedling boats for a few euros. '


The ferry

There are ferries that go from Desenzano which I haven´t tried but I mean to do so this summer. You can sail either from one place to another, Desenzano-Sirmione, and then back or you can take a longer tour with a short stop at each port. I look forward to it. It isn´t that expensive as I recall it, but I´ll get you more on that subject later.
Added: March 25th 2008:=> I just went with the ferry on lake garda, finally;), and I have one recommendation: There are two kind of ferries, a fast going speedferry and then a slow going normal ferry. If you choose the speedferry, as I did yesterday, you will get very quickly between the towns of Garda, BUT, and for me it is a big but, it is just like sitting in an airplane, you don´t see much and you can´t go outside. I recommend taking the slow ferry. I wanted to take pictures and videos for this page here but I have none as I couldn´t get out and the windows didn´t offer much in case of sightseeing. But it was fast though;) Here is a link to the official Lake Garda Ferry website:

Here you find the links to the 2011 summer timetables:

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